Our Noah was born on December 12, 2003 in Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine. He was born 7 weeks premature & given up for adoption at birth. Noah spent 5 months in a hospital until he was moved to his orphanage where he was starved, neglected, and physically abused until we adopted him at 2 years old. He was exposed to zero kindness, love, or affection for the first two years of his life. In fact, the director of his orphanage told us not to take him because he was “trash”.

Noah is currently 8 years old; his currant diagnoses include autism spectrum disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, complex learning & attention disorder, brain damage & dysfunction, severe disruptive & behavioral disorder, chronic psychiatric disorder, sensory integration disorder, insomnia, hyperactivity, fetal alcohol syndrome & reactive attachment disorder. Therapist after therapist has told us that we should institutionalize Noah—we have refused. He has been on the entire spectrum of psychotropic drugs with minimum results. He still does not know how to function in this world because of the damage that was doneto him in his early years. He lives in a state of severe anxiety and our family had reached a crises point. After attending a seminar, we had a renewed sense of hope. Dr. Ron Federici spoke and reviewed Noah’s case. We have been given an opportunity to enroll in a Family Intervention Program at Dr. Federici’s ranch in Virginia—an expensive and last attempt at intervention before institutionalization becomes necessary. The program is costly and insurance covers none of it. We are asking for helpto not only change Noah’s life, but to save it. We are asking for help to preserve and protect our treasure, our Noah.

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